Good Thursday friends! Today on La Voz with Mariel Fiori is entertainment and environmental day.

In today's commentary, I spoke with Eric Ritter, owner of the lead testing company, Scitus Lab Products, who found elevated levels of lead at the Andy Murphy Center, home to a City of Kingston twice a week indoor playground program for children ages 0-5. Mayor Steve Noble acknowledged that they have known about the existence of lead at the site for years. Following Ritter's viral video, Ulster County conducted its own testing and also concluded that there are elevated levels of lead. "I can confirm that testing was performed at the center. As the Mayor expected, the paint analysis confirmed the presence of lead above the recommended levels. The results were provided by the DOH to the City of Kingston along with a recommendation for further analysis and remediation," said Ulster County Deputy Executive Johanna Contreras, in a message to La Voz con Mariel Fiori. Ritter's recommendation is to close the building immediately so remediation can begin with certified people safely removing lead dust from walls, floors and playing mats.

Jess Kelly from UPAC visited us to invite us to a variety of events at the theater at 601 Broadway. Today we can go see the Black Panther movie for free at 7:30 at both UPAC and Bardavon. And you can now buy tickets for Rodrigo y Gabriela's live concert on Wednesday, May 1; and to see the film Pan's Labyrinth, which will be screened in Spanish on Thursday, June 13.

Additionally, artist and independent curator Elisa Pritzker introduced us to artist Mari Keeler Cornwall, from her column The Corner of the Arts in La Voz magazine.