Mathew Swerdloff, co-founder of the Maya Gold Foundation stops by with 4 New Paltz High School students - Hannah Goichman, Amelia Verderosa, Dana Thomas and Will Jordan - before their trip to Nepal in a couple of weeks.

The Maya Gold Foundation was created in response to the tragic death of 15-year old Maya Gold, a New Paltz High School student who took her own life in October of 2015. Maya’s parents, Elise Gold and Mathew Swerdloff, with help from community members and friends, launched the organization as a response to the social pressures and concerns that her death has brought to light. Her death exposed issues such as sexism, substance abuse, and unhealthy use of social media.

In addition to being a loving daughter, sister, and friend, Maya was a social activist, an inspired student, and creatively engaged in many aspects of life. She loved to travel and dreamed of working with children in Nepal, and the Foundation will help carry out her vision with trips like this to Nepal.