Shrinking glaciers, blistering winds, sudden snow, and a two-hour nap at extreme elevation before an attempt on the Kilimanjaro summit are all part of episode 3!

From Kingston to Kilimanjaro: A Four-Part Series on a Journey to the Roof of Africa

In August 2019 Tony Fletcher set off with four friends from around the globe, and a Catskills-based, Tanzanian-born guide, to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Tony is a writer and broadcaster by trade, so he brought his recording devices along with him for the journey up the mountain.

Over the course of this four part series it’s Tony's hope that you’ll  be able to experience a little bit of what it’s like to go on an adventure like this, and that by the time we are all done, you’ll be ready to embark on one of your own.

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Tony Fletcher is the British-born author of nine books, including biographies of Keith Moon, Wilson Pickett, R.E.M. and The Smiths. In 2019 he  hosted and wrote “It's A PIxies Podcast". In 2016, he backpacked around the world with his wife and then 11-year old younger son. A keen trail runner and a Show Director at the Rock Academy in Woodstock, he lives in Kingston.