Albert and Jimmy start this episode with a conversation about the insurrection at the capitol last week and then the lesson about economics and race begins.

Albert Cook is a history teacher for the New Paltz Central School District and will be covering a range of topics from the mythology of the Biology of Race, The Etymology and Historical function of the N-Word, and the Ancient to late Medieval African Kingdoms/Empires over the course of ten Tuesdays in November, December and January.  All topics will be related in some way to the present problems that American society faces around issues of race and racism, (specifically anti-Black racism).

Mr. Cook has been a member of the Social Studies Department at New Paltz High School for 23 years, where he currently teaches World History, AP American History, and Black History. Mr. Cook is also an instructor in the Urban Education Initiative at Vassar College, where he's co-taught classes on the Legacy of Dr. King, the History of Black Voter Disenfranchisement, and the History and Legacy of Mass Incarceration. He has lectured throughout the region on issues surrounding the history of African Cultures and the development of Race and Racism in North America