Girl Talking today with guest host Vanessa Benton aka Miss V while Shana is exploring her way through Italy. Miss V, a dancer, choreographer, teacher and all around wise woman who spreads love with her every move shares about her background and how she got into dance and how it helped her with her self esteem.

Theresa and Miss V are joined by special guests, Mariel Fiori and Hillary Harvey.

Mariel Fiori is a journalist, translator, educator and an entrepreneur. She co-founded and is the managing editor of the Bard-sponsored La Voz, cultura y noticias hispanas del Valle de Hudson. Since 2004 the award- winning La Voz is the only Spanish language magazine serving the 140,000 Latinos living in the Mid-Hudson Valley and Catskill mountains. She co-hosts the weekly radio show La Voz at Radio Kingston. Mariel has worked for different mass media groups and independent media in Argentina, Spain and the United States as a researcher, writer, translator, editor and radio and television producer.

Hillary Harvey is the host of the weekly civic issues program The Source with Hillary Harvey. Each Friday, she interviews people about their work, and takes Deep Dives into the issues with guests who are in the know.  Through regular segments like the City Meetings Report, Feminist News, and What Else Happened, she offers a wrap up of the week’s hyper local news and politics to inform your civic engagement. Hillary Harvey is also a writer and photographer whose work has been published in Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Hudson Valley Magazine, Upstater, Ulster Publishing, and Red Tricycle.  

The four of us discussed various issues such as how and why they do journalism, being a woman in a male dominated industry, race and the women's movement, self care and the value and the future of #metoo. These women are rich with experience, wisdom and passion for their work and their communities. Hillary is hosting a "What's Next for #MeToo: a panel of the future of organizing" in Kingston on March 24th. Check it out!

Theresa and Miss V close out the show talking about LOVE.

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