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Shana is calling in from Santa Barbara, and still out on tour check out her schedule here: Shana's Tour Schedule.

During the week Theresa and Shana share various articles and podcasts with each other, this week Shana sent Theresa a new This American Life podcast episode "But That's What Happened", it peeks into the secret conversations that happen in the Mormon religion between bishops and young women and men around sexuality. Check it out and let us know what you think, it might be cathartic for those of you who have experienced this but never felt like you could talk about it!  Theresa shared the article "#MeToo Will Not Survive Unless We Recognize Toxic Femininity". This is a topic we also want to explore more, it calls out women in the #metoo movement to own their own toxic behavior:  "Until it (the movement) admits that women can be as manipulative and creepy and generally awful as men, the movement will continue to send a message that we’re not really whole people. And why would anyone believe someone like that?" Read it and tell us what YOU think!!!

Our first guest, Valeria Gheorghiu is an activist attorney who studied environmental and civil rights law and who is now incorporating restorative justice into her work. You can check out her website is HERE . Since college, she's been working to protect workers right, the earth and Indigenous Peoples rights and culture. She was naturally drawn to this work having learned about Starhawk and the destruction of paganism as a young child, and as an immigrant whose family was forced from their land and community in Romania.  She's been cleaning the forests of garbage since age 12 on earth day, and works to live sustainably herself in a cooperative way with the earth and others and helps others do the same through her cooperative law work. Valeria came to Restorative Justice as a natural progression from her indigenous peoples advocacy and cooperative living and working. Restorative Justice empowers communities to resolve their own conflicts in a way where everyone is able transform and society benefits. This Sunday from 3-5pm at Anahata, Valeria is co-facilitating a Restorative Justice based Healing Circle with Andy Izenson and Theresa. This Circle is specifically designed for healing rather than conflict transformation and is being offered to survivors of sexual violence or harassment. The essence of the Healing Circle is to bring together those who've had similar experiences to share and learn from one another how to heal. We can create community with care and love by talking to each other. #wisdomkeepers.

Our second guest today is Que Sera. DJ, mother, musician, performer, educator and free thinker! She lives in Brooklyn NY with her husband and collaborator Rahlou. Together they have a project called Streetlight Boutique which we feature in this interview. She shares about home schooling her and Ralou's boys, and working as an educator at the Park Avenue Armoury.  Originally from Haiti, she had a very community oriented upbringing, she is worldly and exotic. Such a pleasure interviewing her for this, Shana was truly blown away by the abundant life she has and how she is raising her sons, not to mention the night life she is able to have as a performer, she really has it all! ENJOY!

Self Care is COMPLICATED!!! A quote that Shana heard recently on the She's All Fat  podcast in their self-care section is "people who struggle with self-care are usually really good at taking care of others, so the key is to see yourself as another person in your life".... how cool is that!? Be your own best friend!

As usual we heard another clip from the documentary "She's Beautiful When She's Angry"

Our show was engineered by Nate Brogan and Manuel Blass, you heard music from Shana Falana and Streetlight Boutique. Next week we have special guests Nada Khodlova and Rachael Pazdan. Until next week love yourself and uplift one another!