Shana's holding down the studio while Theresa is reporting in from Wisconsin. We talk about a new show idea of street interviews of hip grannies that Shana has affectionately dubbed "biddies." Which leads us to a shout out to Antonio from la Voz and his coverage of Grannies Respond and their caravan to the border at Texas to protest the government's treatment of immigrants seeking asylum. Then Shana and Theresa take a trip down memory lane to talk about life as they remembered it as a 5th grader, what it means to be a cool kid, and the challenges of not feeling like one. Intro to Theresa's roadtrippin interview with her nieces Eva (9 years old) and Amelia (12 years old) which was recently recorded on a car trip where Theresa tries to get into the head of a young girl. They are big into Youtube, no surprise there, like to dance, play sports, do math, and . Our in studio guest is Jamie Sanin, artist and educator who works for Orange County Arts Council and founded CelebrateWomxn845. Jamie shares her memories of being a 5th grader, how she was big into music and choir and how she continues to be an artist and create art to this day. She enjoys breaking down access and the resistance or fear of art from the viewers perspective. How CelebrateWomxn845 began and how it was consciously inclusive of womxn who also identify as. CelebrateWomxn845 has an upcoming benefit show on September 1st at Snuggs in New Paltz, details can be found here! Self care talk is all about forgiveness today. Both Shana and Theresa have been exploring forgiveness in their own lives and how it feels like a form of self care, so this will probably not be the end of the conversation. If you're looking for support in helping yourself forgive someone else, or even yourself, here's an initial resource that Theresa found which may be helpful to you. Next week we have special guests artist and activist, Jacinta Bunnell and Jenny Shulkin from OoLaLoom. Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another!