Today I play two interviews with two inspiring and determined women. First up is Lisa Glick, a retired music teacher who shares the story of her journey to mental health wellness. After struggling to get a proper diagnosis, Lisa was grateful to find a doctor who identified her as suffering from Bipolar disorder. That began a long and dedicated journey for Lisa to learn what best supports her and good mental health. She is a vibrant and energetic individual who makes us all believe that anything is possible as long as we’re willing to commit to it. She’s made it through the passing of her mother, brother and the end of her first marriage, and she shares how she does it and takes care of herself on the regular. You will fall in love with her just like I did!

Around the top of the hour is my interview with Yukari Ogawa, a veterinary technician by profession who traveled to the US despite only speaking enough English to introduce herself in order to attend a school that would allow her to pursue her passion, working with animals. After observing how her colleagues suffered from compassion fatigue and how the industry overall didn't take care of the people working in it, she began a business to help those in her industry. She found “The Work” of Byron Katie to be a profound tool in helping her with her own stressful thoughts that she’s now begun facilitating the Katie Worksheets for others. Yukari exudes compassion for others and her passion for the power of Katie’s methodology makes me believe we can all live peacefully and stress free if we just put in the work. You can join her Facebook if you are interested in learning more about what she does, and you can find her teaching a facilitated class on “The Work” every other Wednesday from 7-8:15pm at Anahata

Next week, I sit down with Shaniqua Bowden of Radio Kingston's Nubian Cafe and Rashida Tyler, a community activist and frequent guest of Shaniqua's.

Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another.

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