Hello ery'body... Theresa is in ITALY so it's just me, Shana Falana, holding down the fort! It's also my last day on the air, but please don't be sad... Theresa is excited to continue the "i want what SHE has" journey and will keep bringing you incredible guests and conversations. It's been an honor to serve you all, I'm happy to report that my music life is picking up and I just need do 'self care' and let something in my schedule go, alas this glorious show.

My first guest today is Katy Kondrat. She is a mother, singer, the manager of the Kingston NY Farmers Market, and now the council member (but also founder) of the Kingston Food Coop.  Katy's interest in bringing community and farms together started when she was at SUNY New Paltz. We talk about her love of collaboration, music, and her gift of community organizing. She recently launched the membership drive of Co-op at Rough Draft books during the Common Wealth Hudson Valley event, in which Evelyn Wright, founder, explains to us some of the alternative  economic growth that is happening here. We play a clip of Evelyn's  introduction! 

My second guest today is Jolie Holland.  She is a beloved singer, songwriter and performer that you may also remember from the Be Good Tanyas. Shana and Jolie knew eachother in San Fransisco in the early 2000's which made for a more intimate interview. Jolie shares  about life on the road, her stage fright, and how difficult the music business is. Her message ultimately though, what else would I do? The answer, "keep going".

Self Care: I (Shana) share about how this show has been a gift to ME! By interviewing women this last year 'that have what I want' it has aloud me to take my power back instead of giving it away, thinking that others have things I could never attain.... I also read from a quote from the book "Get Over It" by Iyanla Vanzant.


Today’s show was engineered by Ben Benton of Radio Kingston, www.radiokingston.org with special support from Manuel Blas. Next week our guests are yoga teachers Nidhi Huba, Shawn Harrison and Cory Nakasue.

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