83 years young, Barbara Sarah, has brought a lot of goodness to the world and shows no signs of slowing down. Following a breast cancer diagnosis in 1992, she left a 20-year career as a school social worker on Long Island and chose to dedicate herself to work in oncology. Founder of the Oncology Support Program at HealthAlliance Hospital in Kingston, she is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NY State Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and the NY State Governor’s Award for Innovation in Breast Cancer Education. She's a Co-founder of Circle of Friends for the Dying, which both sponsors “death cafés,” which consist of people sitting around talking about living, death and dying, and is in the process of renovating a Home for the Dying as an alternative to the hospital or a nursing home. For 25 years she has been an instructor of Morita and Naikan therapies, Buddhist-based strategies for mental wellness. She's one of the organizers of Calling Our Ancestors, an event taking place in Academy Green Park in Kingston on October 25th from 2-4pm with ritual, drum, calling in the ancestors, sharing and dear Barbara will be leading the group in song, "We Will Meet Again."

We talk about growing up during WWII, singing to raise money for war bonds, theater, social work, cancer, death and her Japanese practices that regularly help her stay in a place of gratitude and living each day to her fullest. She's a joy and a force, and I hope you enjoy getting to meet her through our conversation!

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