Yes, fracking is banned in New York State ... has been since 2014 and 2021. But that's not how some in the fossil fuel industry see it,  thanks to oodles of federal tax incentives for "new"technologies like carbon capture floating around. Land agents are back in the Southern Tier trying to lease land for drilling, this time using carbon dioxide rather than highly pressurized water to "free"all that oil and gas that lies in the state's shale. State legislators have already written revised legislation; fracktivists (Food & Water Watch, Frack Action, Sandra Steingraber, Mark Ruffalo) have already had a first press conference. Join Sandra, Food & Water Watch's Alex Beauchamp and Tompkins County activist Irene Weiser for details. And somehow Governor Hochul's proposed budget slashed $250 million from its clean water budget; Riverkeeper lobbyist Jeremy Cherson tries to explain.