Alex White Plume is Oglala Lakota and one of the founders of the Wounded Knee Bigfoot Memorial Ride (South Dakota), which was started in 1986. The nation needed a Wiping of the Tears ceremony after the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. The ride began because of the way our people were living; they needed change and a way that brought awareness to what happened to Bigfoot and his people at Wounded Knee. Between 1986-1990, the ride was a Wiping of the Tears ceremony for the Lakota nation. There were 19 riders on the very first ride in 1986 from Bridger, SD to Wounded Knee, SD. The ride was called the Future Generation Ride after 1990, when the Wiping of the Tears ceremony ended.

Production Credits:

Tiokasin Ghosthorse (Lakota), Host and Executive Producer

Liz Hill (Red Lake Ojibwe), Producer

Malcolm Burn, Studio Engineer, Radio Kingston

Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Audio Editor

Kevin Richardson, Podcast Editor

Music Selections:

1. Song Title: Tahi Roots Mix (First Voices Radio Theme Song)

Artist: Moana and the Moa Hunters

Album: Tahi (1993)

Label: Southside Records (Australia and New Zealand)


2. Song Title: Turning Away

Artist: Dougie MacLean

Album: Indigenous (1991)

Label: Dunkeld Records


3. Song Title: Lakota Dream Song

Artist: Earl Bullhead

Album: Across Indian Lands (1999)

Label: SOAR


4. Song Title: If 60s Were 90s

Artist: Beautiful People

Album: If 60s Were 90s (1994)

Label: Continuum Records


5. Song Title: Road to Hell Part 1

Artist: Chris Rea

Album: On the Beach (1986)

Label: Geffen Records (USA) and Magnet (International)


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