“Selling Mother Earth: Effort by the NY Stock Exchange to Designate Mother Earth as a New Asset Class.” Tiokasin spends the hour talking with Rebecca Adamson — Indigenous Economist, Cherokee and Founder of First Nations Development and First Peoples Worldwide. A leader, activist and ground-breaking Indigenous woman, Rebecca holds a distinct perspective about how Indigenous people’s systems thinking and the value system behind Indigenous economies can be used to catalyze change. Rebecca has won many awards: PBS Change Makers, National Women’s History Recipient, Council on Foundations Scrivner Award for Most Innovative Grant-Maker, John Gardner Civic Leadership Award. She is widely known for her asset-based development strategies and co-authored the award-winning book “The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the US Racial Wealth Divide.” Rebecca currently serves as Advisor to the Wharton Business School ESG Initiative, Trustee Women’s Media Center and Trustee Bay and Paul Foundations.

For More Information:

Recommended Reading: "Bloom 23: Where Biodiversity Meets the Bottom Line": https://bit.ly/3vppPCm

Recommended Reading: "NYSE and Intrinsic Exchange Group Partner to Launch a New Asset Class to Power a Sustainable Future" (Business Wire, September 14, 2021): https://bit.ly/3TZWmIV

Recommended Viewing: "Rebecca Adamson: Enoughness, Restoring Balance to the Economy": https://bit.ly/3vtsTxp

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