Shantar Baxter Clinton “Wbatasi” (Firefly),  Schaghticoke Tribal Council

Baxter is the youngest member on the Schaghticoke First Nation’s Tribal Council. He was raised primarily by his mother and spent his younger years traveling America. Baxter was accepted to Bard College at Simon’s Rock and started higher education after his sophomore year of high school. Baxter received his Associates of the Arts Degree, then transferred to the University of Maine to finish up his Bachelors degree in journalism. Baxter is actively attending school and works in the mental-health industry with troubled children in a residential facility. Baxter wants to use his skills to develop youth workshops and assist in tribal research and development.


Corbin Farrar Whistling Wind, Schaghticoke Tribal Member

Corbin is a 21 year old male, his heritage is Native American African American and Irish.  He works part time as a Teachers Aide at an Early Learning Center for children ages 1 - 5 . Corbin is also a full time student at Housatonic Community College for Criminal Justice. His passion is learning more about my Native American culture along with its custom traditions. Recently he has began studying the Native Language and look forward to passing it down to the youth of my tribe.