Starting at noon on Beyond the 7th Fire with Sachem HawkStorm, was live in the studio with wisdom keeper Doreen Bennett (Maori-Whanganui) & Great-Grandmother Mary Lyons (Ojibwe/First Nations) who have come to visit for a bit after their time at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Grandmother Mary Lyons is a Water Carrier and Ojibwe Elder from Minnesota. Beyond traveling and teaching internationally, sometimes in collaboration with the Indigenous Grandmothers of the Sacred WE, she is working to bring justice for dozens of missing and murdered indigenous women in her region. She is the author of the Wisdom Lessons: Spirited Guidance from Ojibwe. Grandmother Doreen of the Maori-Whanganui tribe, visits us all the way from Aotearoa, New Zealand. This past March the Whanganui succeeded in securing the rights for their sacred Whanganui River to be protected under laws extended to a person.