The Beyond the 7th Fire Radio with Sachem HawkStorm debut features  a conversation with Roberto Mukaro Borrero, a member and a leader of the Guainia Taino Tribe and the President of the United Confederation of Taino People. Topics of conversation will include Roberto's most recent work as a part of organizing the Indigenous Peoples March in DC and his work within local and international Indigenous communities.

Beyond the 7th Fire comes from the Anishinaabe prophecy that says, we’re in the time of the seventh fire – the scorched path we are on is the path of least resistance but leads to our ultimate demise. If we travel down the green path it will lead into the 8th fire of unity and love.


Beyond the 7th Fire is hosted by Sachem HawkStorm a direct descendant of Massasoit, Weetamoo, Tuspaquin, Sassacus, Mioneamie, Katonah, Wamsutta, Warrups, and Mauwee. His life’s journey has been one of reclamation, re-indigenization, and reconnection to land. Beyond the 7th Fire radio is a way to bring light to the conversations and stories not so different from his own stories of separation. His work at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the International Indian Treaty Council, as well as the relationships he has built in his tribe, the Schaghticoke, close to home and around the world, will ignite the conversations on the radio show.

Come join us on our journey down the green path, as we ignite the 8th fire together.