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Planet Seniors

Gail Wolfe from Medical Aesthetics of the Hudson Valley. Fighting age from taking over your body!

Rita Vanacore presents Planet Seniors, a show for all things Senior! This week, we're talking about the benefits of medical massage with Gail Wolfe of Medical Aesthetics of the Hudson Valley. We're also talking about the effects gravity has on our body as we get older and how to maintain physical vitality to combat age from taking over your looks!

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Sporttalk with Dan Reinhard

Brian Bonesteel of Green Acres Golf and Triple Crown Horse Racing with Eric Houghtaling

This week on Sporttalk, we're talking Golf with Brian Bonesteel from Green Acres Golf Course. Also we ask if Justify can win the Triple Crown with Eric Houghtaling as the best horses come to Belmont Park for the third race of the Triple Crown.

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No One Like You

Stiles Najac: Food, Farms and FUN!

Julie sits down with Stiles Najac, from Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County who runs a gleaning program which brings hundreds of thousands of pounds of unused fresh produce to the GleanMobile for delivery to local soup kitchens and food pantries.

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La Voz

Eve Madalengoitia, Elizabeth Armstrong, Douglas Keller y Juana Torres Leandry

Our guests; Eve Madalengoita and Elizabeth Armstrong spoke of the NY State Health Act. Douglas Keller told us about a job opening at Ulster County Healthy Families, and Juana Torres Leandry, talked about selling life insurance for the Latin Premier Insurance company. 

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The Long Way Around

ACADIE-this week taking you down to New Orleans Louisiana, otherwise known as Fat City, The Big Easy or just plain old NOLA .

ACADIE-I’m record producer Malcolm Burn,  and for the next couple of hours I’ll be your eyes and ears on the long way around, this week taking you down to New Orleans Louisiana, otherwise known as Fat City, The Big Easy or just plain old NOLA .

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In Dreams

The Ones Who Create the Waves

Tonight on In Dreams we focus on musicians, the ones who create the waves in this ocean of music — their thoughts visions and dreams.

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Freedom Highway

"One Big Union": live with Eli Smith

Eli Smith joins us in studio to share old union songs and new live interpretations.

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Blue’s People

Enjoy the music!

"We are often asked which came first, gospel music or the blues. The Campbell Brothers believe they arose at the same time..."  Phillip Campbell, Sacred Steel

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