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COVID-19 Audio Updates

Town Hall with Pat Ryan

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan delivers a briefing on the latest regarding COVID-19 in Ulster County.

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The Black Meta

May 26, 2020: "Walking Our Collective Line"

This week, YOUR META has a lot to share--including specific and collective trauma and grief, and the processing of. We're talking about what it means to be HUMANS and BLACK HUMANS for the past several hundred years running. What it means to not merely be joined in culture and history erased, but in a present stolen and a future decimated. YOUR META IS ON SOME REAL TALK--SOME GROWN-FOLKS TALK. AND WE'RE NOT ABOUT TURN IT DOWN NOW.

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Norma Pereira

We, at the Hudson Valley Regional Community Health Centers are here to serve and we can be contacted at (845) 278-6930, extension 5914

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La Voz con Mariel Fiori

Kingston with COVID-19, phase one, day 1: the essential

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OUT Radio

BDSM Lifestyle with Erotica & Fetish writer Maggie LaFae

This week on OUT Radio, our guest is Erotica and Fetish writer Maggie LaFae. The topic of conversation will be about BDSM and her personal experiences in the BDSM lifestye.

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Planet Seniors

Veteran acting husband and wife team Wayne Pyle & Heidi Eklund

We will be sharing with an amazing husband and wife team- one, Wayne Pyle, is a veteran actor and has his own acting school and two, Heidi Eklund, also a veteran actor who runs her own casting business. Their businesses are separate but they go hand in hand, both operating out of New Paltz.

My guest co-host Leslie Malin is back again with some more words of wisdom, in this very trying time, as we start to see a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

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Sporttalk with Dan Reinhard

Baseball history with Presidential Historian David Pietruzsa

This week, we will talk Baseball and U.S. Presidents with my guest Presidential Historian David Pietruzsa. We will also discuss the 1919 Black Sox Scandal and Gambler Arnold Rothstein who conspired to fix the 1919 World Series.

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