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COVID-19 Audio Updates

Pat Ryan Briefing

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan delivers a briefing and answers community questions in regards to COVID-19 in Ulster County.

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The Black Meta

November 24, 2020: "Tortoises and B.A.L.M., Guido and a Cash-Free Society"

We're talking cashless society, turtles, Black Autistic Lives Matter, Turkey Day, and . . . as we have every Black Meta November . . . we remember THE FIFTH. PLUS . . . we're fitting in the music, mindful, and META that YOUR BLACK META is known for slinging!

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Francisco Díaz, managing the Hoffman House Restaurant

From cook to chef, to manager ... and beyond; Thirty years at the Hoffman House Restaurant. Francisco

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La Voz con Mariel Fiori

Kingston with COVID-19, phase 4: solidarity, work and politics

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Midnight Medicine Journey

Midnight Medicine Journey with Jaguar Mary X

Times of crisis are times to soothe our nervous systems and protect our energy. Tune into Midnight Medicine Journey tonight for some soothing tunes featuring magical musical moments from KLIMENT, Erykah Badu and Flavien Berger. Midnight to 2am with Jaguar Mary X.

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OUT Radio

Transforming Medical Care with Dr. Jill Brodsky

Jill Brodsky, Pediatric Endocrinologist at Caremount Medical, discusses Transgender Youth and transforming medical care in the Hudson Valley

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Sporttalk with Dan Reinhard

Presidential Historian & Author David Pietrusza

It is Monday Night and time for Sporttalk with Dan Reinhard. Tonight, my guest is Presidential Historian and Author David Pietrusza. We will review David’s new book, "Too Long Ago, A Childhood Memory, A Vanished World."

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#143~ Thanksgiving Ride

Themes of "take a ride" and "boxing" and great, tasty tunes for all ages.

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