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OUT Radio

Music from the cast of Woodstock Playhouse's La Cage Aux Folles

Tune in to Out Radio with your host, the Executive Director of the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center, Jeff Rindler. Each week on OUT Radio we’ll highlight the LGBTQ Voice that often goes unheard. On this episode; the cast of 'La Cage Aux Folles' now playing at the world famous Woodstock Playhouse!

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Planet Seniors

Heather Dean-Halverson: Certified Licensed Psychoanalyst on re-wiring your brain through new thought patterns

This week on Planet Seniors, host Rita Vanacore is joined by guest Heather Dean-Halverson; Certified Licensed Psychoanalyst, currently practicing in Greenwich Village. Heather will be discussing neuroplasticity, which is the sciene of re-wiring your brain psychologically through new thought patterns and procedures....even old brains can learn new tricks!!!

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Sporttalk with Dan Reinhard

Marist Sports Info Director Mike Ferraro & Running with Steve Schallenkamp

Monday night's are time for Sporttalk with Dan Reinhard. This week we talk Hudson Valley Renegades baseball and Marist College Athletics with Marist College Sports Information Director Mike Ferraro. Steve Schallenkamp will also stop by and review the summer running series and look into the fall running season in Kingston and Ulster County.

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No One Like You

Jen Metzger: Standing Tall

Julie sits down with Rosendale resident, Jen Metzger, to discuss her current bid for New York State Senate, and how she came to be a woman who is not afraid to try to fill the tall order of creating sustainable change not only in her local community but in the entire world itself.

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La Voz

With the family we vote, and we have fun

Luis Alvarez, Carlos Duarte, Yesenia Garza Today in La Voz, Luis Alvarez, chair of the Sullivan County Legislature, and one of the few Latinos in this position talked about the challenges and opportunities

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The Long Way Around

Film Gold

Music and film have walked together hand in hand since the early days of the Lumiere Brothers first experiments with moving pictures. And while It is often said that good film music should be heard and not seen, that it ought to enhance yet not intrude, and though this may be the case for some, for myself I’ve often felt that the films were simply a visual enhancement to the music. Visualizations of the more transcendent and deeper emotions that music transport us to. So come along this week for a journey deep into the timeless and fascinating world of cinematic music.

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Freedom Highway

Authenticity And The Truth: An Interview With Lavender Country

We spend the hour with Patrick Haggerty aka Lavender Country, pioneer of openly gay country music.

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What’s In The Batter?

Have you ever tasted something to figure out what it is?

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