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Donovan Henderson CEO and Founder of Groov Magazine and Groov Music Inc

Donnie Henderson

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Radio Kingston Annual Report 2023 // Radio Kingston Informe Anual 2023

So much happened last year and we are pleased to share with our community, the 2023 Radio Kingston Annual Report!

. . . . . . . . .

¡Pasaron muchas cosas el año pasado y nos complace compartir con nuestra comunidad el Informe Anual de Radio Kingston 2023!

La Voz con Mariel Fiori

Expanding the BOCES campus and interpreter practice sessions

Good Wednesday friends! Today on La Voz with Mariel Fiori is education and family day.

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Late Night Delight

Late Night Delight #2

Welcome back!!!

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O+ Radio Hour

O+ Radio Hour

In this episode of the O+ Radio Hour, host Lara Hope is joined by O+ alum, Kingston’s own honky tonk songstress Andrea Maddox.

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The Good Work Hour

Work Songs

At GWI we like to explore what Good Work looks like, what it means, and usually by having a guest on to talk about their good work. Tonight's show is just music that takes a hard, sometimes funny, sometimes deep look at work life. Enjoy.

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The Black Meta

February 27, 2024: “THE INTERVIEW: Project Manager Dept. of Health and Wellness, City of Kingston, KRISTIN KESSLER RETURNS!”

YOUR META sits down for THE INTERVIEW ... Project Manager, Dept. of Health and Wellness for the City of Kingston, KRISTIN KESSLER ... RDN, CDN, CYT!

PLUS: “'Don't Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much of Today'” & “In Memoriam: Nex Benedict”

And a META SPOTLIGHT on: “Polar Bears, Fried Salads, and Crudité Conspiracies”

TUNE IN and TURN UP YOUR Black Meta!

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