Hosted by Micah

Tonight's guest, Chrisso Babcock is the Outreach Coordinator at Sustainable Hudson Valley, whose mission is to speed up, scale up, jazz up and leverage progress against climate change, creating communities where people and nature thrive. Chrisso and I discuss what this means and how we might move from education to action, with concrete steps.

Chrisso Babcock (he/him) grew up in the Hudson Valley, enjoying a free range upbringing which included playing in the woods for hours, climbing trees, and running around barefoot all summer. He became an organic farmer for 5 years in his early 20’s, and has extensive experience homesteading and living outdoors. He has been teaching healthy, traditional cooking and fermentation skills for 10 years through his business Coyote Kitchen Workshops, a pursuit which is currently on the back burner (pun intended).

Chrisso is an LMT (a NY licensed massage therapist), and also worked the years leading up to the pandemic as a bartender. After many years of diverse work experience, he recently finished a BA in Food and Sustainability, combining and furthering many of his interests. He enjoys work that creates and supports community and the health of the natural world.