Hosted by Micah and Susan

We were joined by Katherine Betts and Barbara Bash, practitioners of NVC and stewards of the See No Enemy - Hear What Matters community of practice. We talk about Non Violent Communication (NVC), what it means, and how they each came to this work.

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Katherine Betts has a passion for nature, dancing, authentic connection, & practices that center well being for all. She is a Restorative Circles Practitioner and Trainer Candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Her style and methods are informed by relational neuroscience including attachment theory & poly vagal theory. Katherine has been co-facilitating events since 2010 and has worked with teens, incarcerated adults, various community groups, families, couples & individuals. She is currently co-facilitating an NVC practice series called See No Enemy ~ Hear What Matters as well as volunteering with Family of Woodstock’s Restorative Justice Initiative Program & managing’s website & newsletter. Along with a deep passion for participating in and contributing to practices that restore interpersonal connection and well being, Katherine is fueled and nourished by time in nature and dancing.

Barbara Bash is a calligraphic artist who has trained in Nonviolent Communication & Focusing and offers workshops that combine art, mindfulness & communication. She attended the year long Bay NVC Leadership program in 2009 & the Intensive Training in the West Bank, Palestine in 2016. Barbara has offered NVC, meditation and circle practice in Buddhist centers, prisons and beyond.