Hosted By: Aja Schmeltz & Susan Grove

On this episode, we discuss Janet Irizarry's 30 year journey through the food and hospitality business and how it prompted her to launch Hudson Valley Eats.

Hudson Valley EATS is an interactive website, where people who love food, care about about the environment and helping others contribute in building a resource that supports "everything food" in the Hudson Valley.  A website that promotes the people and the good things they are doing in the food space, and gives everybody an opportunity to enjoy, learn, and work together to create a bright and sustainable future.

Her latest initiative, The Hudson Valley Food Waste Challenge, is designed to reduce food waste at the household level.  The program will teach families how they can reduce their “foodprint” by introducing them to the culprits of food waste, and teach them easy strategies that will not only cut down what they are tossing in the garbage, but also save them money and time.