It seems that the Hudson Valley is often a test-case for new energy proposals, but this one -- CHPE (the acronym pronounced Chippy!) -- may take the cake. A 300-mile electric cable, its juice created by sizable Canadian hydropower dams, would stretch from northern Quebec to NYC, with 180 miles of it buried seven-feet below the riverbed of Lake Champlain, then the Hudson River and the East and Harlem Rivers. Initially proposed a dozen years ago, it almost made sense. But today, with our energy scene vastly changed and legislation in place that requires the state to move away from greenhouse gas emitting projects, it's not such a sure thing. Plus, back then we did not guess that more than 100,000 New Yorkers would be getting their drinking water directly from the Hudson River. The governor and state legislature have approved it, now it's just waiting for the state's Department of Public Service (PSC) to give its blessing. Tomorrow -- I know, short notice -- is the deadline for public comment on CHPE. Check out this link at for details! Joining the converssation today: Riverkeeper attorney Richard Webster, Rhinebeck Mayor and co-founder of the Hudson 7, Gary Bassett, and Emily Svenson, lawyer and technical consultant to the Hudson 7.