This episode was hosted by Micah and he sat down with Susan H. Gillespie is co-founder and President of the Board of Directors of Communities for Local Power and Jess Mullen the Executive Director of CLP.

Communities For Local Power (CLP) helps communities in the Mid-Hudson Region transition to a locally-based, clean energy economy. Combining research, education, advocacy, and project coordination, CLP supports community and municipal engagement in energy decision-making, transforming energy policy and practice to strengthen local economies, mitigate climate change and increase resilience.

CLP works across party lines with municipalities, elected officials, environmental and energy NGOs, local media, labor, and the public. We inform, mobilize, and support efforts to advance energy policies and implement down-to-earth, practical projects that reduce energy consumption and expand renewable generation. We care a lot about accurate, in-depth research and fact-checking, democratic control, and the involvement and protection of vulnerable groups.