Good Monday friends! Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is a day of business and well-being. Ulster County Auditor March Gallagher told us about the county's finances and how the decline in income from income taxes will cause the county to cut its budget by 10%. What about AirBnB? How else can you generate income in the county and avoid more unemployment and economic crisis?

In addition, Spanish artist resident of the Hudson Valley, Andrés San Millán explained the intention behind the mural of the agrarian scene that he painted 24 years ago in Red Hook that recently caused so much controversy that it has been covered with a layer of light blue paint.

And last but not least, attorney Jessica Mila Schutzman, director of financial and cyber investigations with the Ulster District Attorney's office, talked about fraud and fake social security numbers.

Reminder: The use of face masks or face shields in public is mandatory in New York State, by order of Governor Andrew Cuomo. We stop the pandemic together or it will continue to kill us. We are the vaccine: we have to wear a mask in public. If you find that an establishment is not following security measures, you can send a complaint to the Ulster County COVID-19 line at 845-443-8888. Spanish speaking.


Host and General Producer: Mariel Fiori

Journalistic producer: Angelica Medaglia

Sound: Manuel Blas