Happy Friday friends! And happy day of love and friendship to all. Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori it is Friday of immigration and culture.

On the border between the United States and Mexico, the US government is still separating families and the Grannies respond, along with other groups, are there asking the authorities to show some love for the children. I talked to Rebecca and Bonita Amaro from Browsnville, Texas, about it. The Grannies say it is very important to document the precarious situation in which thousands of immigrants are seeking asylum in the United States, still in Matamoros, Mexico. It is also important to financially help organizations that cross daily to help in many ways, such as Team Brownsville, which brings 2,500 meals every day to immigrants in limbo, or Sidewalk School, which seeks to educate immigrant children who are seeking asylum, or Angry Tías y Abuelas.

We had the visit of educator and writer Enrique Murillo who shared some special poems for a February 14, from Ernesto Cardenal and Mario Benedetti, to Roque Dalton, Jaime Sabines and more, poets and revolutionaries.

In addition, we learned about the inspiring story of the Oaxacan immigrant Librada Paz, member of the RMM board of directors and winner of the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award.