Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is Thursday of entertainment and the environment. We talked with musician and student Rowan Puig Davis who is presenting a benefit concert, called Cuerdas para Cali, tomorrow. Cuerdas Para Cali is a group of classical musicians who inspire students and celebrate cultural exchange through music education. Every summer, CPC travels to Colombia to work with the Siloé Symphony Orchestra, a youth orchestra based in the Siloé neighborhood of Cali. The Siloé Orchestra was founded by the Sidoc Foundation to give disadvantaged young people in Siloé the opportunity to study music, providing them with instruments, education and performances. The goal of CPC is to support Siloe students in their musical growth and have a positive impact on their entire community. The project involves teaching and acting together with commitment and personal exchange. The concert will be tomorrow Friday at 8 pm at the Bito Conservatory Hall at Bard College.

We heard an interview with the writer Ernesto Quiñonez who this morning was presenting at SUNY Ulster, from where we had a live broadcast via facebook. The bilingual presentation of Quiñonez is found here.

Hugo Jule, columnist for Healthy Planet told us about the environmental impact of our daily activities, such as taking a hot shower, or eating a meat burger. This conversation is based on an article published in La Voz magazine by Professor Gidon Eshel, read it here.